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Zagorochoria: Villages that can drag you to a perfect fairy tale

Are you tired from the city and you just want to take a break somewhere nice? We have best suggestion for you. The perfect place for your vacation is Zagorochoria Greece.

Zagorochoria are a complex of 46 picturesque villages at the heart of Epirus. They share the same history and they have the same architecture style. They have natural beauty and also an amazing and rich ecosystem. They ‘hug’ the snowy slopes of Tymphi Mountain and this little detail is just beautiful. They seem to be evergreen because you can visit them any time and any season you want. They are also timeless, those little villages are promising and the look like they came out from your favorite fairy tale.

Vikos gorge

If you decide to travel there, you have to see a few places that they sure put a spell on you. Vikos gorge is one of the major attractions in Zagorochoria. It is the deepest canyon in the world. You will be amazed if you visit it and you will not be disappointed from it’s view. In the traditional village Perama you will find the cave of Perama that was created 1.500.000 years ago. When you visit it, be sure you are dressed warmly because the temperature there is maintained constant in 17oc.


Kipi village

One village that you should visit is Kipi it’s name in Greek means garden, that is a beautiful back yard with a lot of flowers and trees. Like this you can imagine the village that is full of flowers, stone bridges and the alleys that are full of colors. The folk museum is the place that you can visit if you have an interest in knowing more about the activities and the traditions of the villagers and also their history and culture.

kipi village

Monodedri village

Another one of the villages that you need to see is Monodedri. Monodedri is one of the most famous villages of Zagorochoria , like all the others it is picturesque but it also combine the night life. It has a lot of tourism full season and especially the autumn and the winter because it’s snowy image is magical.


The Zagorochoria are located in district of Ioannina between the cities of Metsovo and Konitsa. They are easy to approach by car, you can take yours or you can hire one from the cities, if you can’t drive you can always go with the bus. You can do a lot of activities like rafting, canoe and even more.

Zagorochoria can be the perfect place if you want to travel with your family, your friends or even alone. You can pick any season you want to travel there because they won’t let you down. You can leave the city for a mini break and ‘reload’ your batteries to go back refreshed. If have an interest to learn more about the culture of Epirus and Greece generally in those little villages you’re going to taste, listen and hear about everything. So don’t lose this opportunity and visit them soon.