Rent a car Corfu: what to know before your vacation

Are you planning your vacation in Corfu for next summer? The island is definitely a paradise, offering stunning beaches and literally the most beautiful, well-preserved city in Greece, which is a World Heritage of Unesco. However, you should think about your transportation, as Corfu is a large island with innumerable points of interest, spread all over the island. In Corfu, you can find only a few taxis, while public transportation is not as convenient as you may want during your relaxing holidays. If you plan to rent a car in Corfu, keep in mind the following important tips.

Early booking

You may think that renting a car for your entire holiday period is the biggest cost. However, booking in advance is the best think you can do in order to find super deals and discounts. Hiring a car in Corfu online is the easiest way to pay affordable price without extra costs and take advantage of last-minute deals.

Airport pick up and drop off

We recommend you choosing a car rental company in Corfu that offers free airport pick up and drop off. Paying a taxi to go to Corfu Town from the airport and vice versa, will cost you a lot of money. If you can avoid it, why not?

Necessary documents

In order to deliver the car at the airport or the port of Corfu, you should have with you your driving license, because a photocopy is not acceptable. EU or international driving licenses are accepted. The contract of the car rental is also something you should have always with you in the car.

Gas stations

Most gas and petrol stations are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Keep, also, in mind that many small villages don’t have any gas station, and you have to drive to the next city or tourist resort. It is wiser to rent an economy car to save fuel and money. By this kind of car, you can go almost to all beaches and villages of Corfu, as the road network is safe.


A navigation system in Corfu is necessary, although most signs are not only in Greek but also in English. However, road signs are not always helpful. If you own a European mobile phone, you can use online GPS without roaming charges. But remember that with non-EU phones charges can be very expensive. In that case, it is better to rent an offline navigation system in the car.