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Why Greece has become the ultimate touristic destination in 2017

Greece is the new trendy destination in Europe and worldwide. 30 million tourists have visited Greece in 2017, and everybody speaks about this phenomenon. The truth is that Greece was always a touristic country, but lately its popularity has been rapidly increased. The reasons for that are numerous, but there are some main causes that can explain this trend and convince you coming in Greece next year.


Low prices and great deals

Greece was always an ideal place to visit at reasonable prices. Low-budget and all-inclusive packages, untouched and cheap islands, one of the cheapest capitals in Europe and in general many budget destinations, perfect for backpackers and people, who don’t want to pay a fortune to explore a new place. The good news is that Greece continues to be a budget destination thanks to the economic crisis since 2009. The country has now stability and is safe, but the travel agents offer amazing deals even in popular islands, like Crete, Rhodes, Zakynthos and Naxos.

greece low prices

Authentic hospitality and top touristic facilities

In Greece, the tourism sector is the most important source of income, and many people work in this sector with great experience. Thus, even in the small places and islands, you can find all the touristic facilities you should expect. High-quality cuisine, modern hotels, organised beaches with water sports and vivid nightlife. Furthermore, the famous Greek hospitality is a super advantage. In Greece, you will meet the true warm heartedness and feel that you are truly welcome everywhere.

greek hospitality

Unspoiled islands

The beauty of Greece is endless, and the last years, new destinations that have something different to offer have become popular. Undiscovered islands, like Donousa, Sikinos, Gavdos and Othonoi are the new hot trend. There, you can live unforgettable experiences and find peace and privacy while discovering these hidden gems. Greece is the ultimate place to visit famous places, but also go off-the-beaten-path. This combination is really fascinating and gives you the opportunity to do both.

greek islands

Warm and sunny weather

Greece is famous for its great weather and its long –from May to October- summer. Consequently, if you are afraid of the hot temperatures of July and August, you can visit Greece in June or September and take also advantage of the low prices during the off-season. However, you should remember that in the Greek islands and especially in the Cyclades, the weather is not very hot, even in July, because the sea breeze holds the temperature under 35 ºC. It’s your choice what to visit in Greece and when to plan your travel.

greek sunny weather


Athens is the new, must-visit destination in Europe and a reason for the tourism increase in Greece. With numerous things to do, significant museums and archaeological sites, amazing beaches, vivid nightlife and a creative cultural and art scene, your city break in the capital of Greece will be an amazing experience.