Crete is the island of Gods!

Crete is the biggest island in Greece. If you have the chance to visit Crete there are many things you can do in Crete.

Crete is a big green island. You can see many things in Crete’s nature you can not have the chance to visit them in any place elsewhere in Europe.

Samaria gorge is the longest gorge in Europe. If you are in Crete you can hike on the Samaria gorge.

Crete is very famous for its tasty and special cuisine. You can taste many of its famous dishes, like ”dakos” ”kaltsounia”  ”myzithra cheese” and drink the traditional drink ”tsikoudia”.

Crete is a place with many beautiful landscapes and traditional cities. You can visit the city of Rethymno which is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Crete and in Greece. It has its own colors and style and a beautiful castle where you can have a very nice view.

In Crete the nature lovers can visit many caves. Two of the most important and known of them are the Diktaean Cave and the Cave of Ideon Andron.

A place with the huge history of Crete is full of archeological monuments for its visitors. In Crete you can find many ancient monuments. The most famous of them are the archeological museum of Heraklion and of course the Minoan Palaces of Knosos, Malia and Phaistos.

In Crete you can also visit one of the most beautiful places a lake, which name is Lake Kourna. Lake Kourna is a very beautiful place and a great place for a pic-nick of all your family.

If you are a natural lover you can also visit the Palm forest of Vai which is the biggest palm forest in all the Europe.

City of Chania

cret chania

Crete has many beautiful cities and many more beautiful and traditional villages. One of the most beautiful cities of Crete is Chania.

Chania is a city known in all Greece for its beauty and its unique landscapes and architecture.

The very first thing someone can do in Chania is strolling around the Venetian Harbor.

In Chania you can see many things that you will not have the chance to see in other places in the world. One of them is Balos beach with its exotic view. If you are there on summer you can enjoy the most beautiful swimming of your life.

If you love shopping in Chania you can shop around the Agora Market which is constructed at the 20th century.

If you love very much the sea and history of the ships you can visit the Maritime Museum of the City of Chania.

Cuisine in Chania is very special, too. You can taste the traditional eggs with staka and chaniotiko mpoureki.

You can also enjoy the special Greek coffee at the historical cafe Kipos Cafe in the Municipal Garden.

One of the most beautiful places in all the Greece and Europe. Elafonisi beach is one of the most magical places of all the Greece.

In all the Crete you can find the famous Cretan wines, enjoy their taste with the incredible view of Crete.