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Rent a car Corfu: what to know before your vacation

Are you planning your vacation in Corfu for next summer? The island is definitely a paradise, offering stunning beaches and literally the most beautiful, well-preserved city in Greece, which is a World Heritage of Unesco...


Car rental in Santorini: 5 useful tips to know when driving on the island

Santorini is an island full of beauties. Thus, we highly recommend you rent a car if you want to discover unexplored villages, hidden coves and remote places to enjoy the sunset in Caldera...

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Rent a car Crete: everything you need to know about the insurance

Are you planning your summer vacation in Greece and thinking about spending it on the island of Crete? Crete is a stunning summer destination but remember that it is necessary to rent a car as it is a large island with n...


The beautiful mainland of Greece

Greece is a lovely destination known for its beautiful islands and the bright History behind it. Greece can give a lot of beautiful experiences by visiting the mainland too.

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Crete is the island of Gods!

Crete is the biggest island in Greece. If you have the chance to visit Crete there are many things you can do in Crete.


What to do in Athens: top activities

Athens is the new touristic trend worldwide. Vivid nightlife, stunning beaches in a close distance to city centre, delicious food, archaeological sites and significant museums, cultural events and important exhibitions are only some of the things that this interesting city has to offer.