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The beautiful mainland of Greece

Greece is a lovely destination known for its beautiful islands and the bright History behind it. Greece can give a lot of beautiful experiences by visiting the mainland too.

Mainland of Greece is a great idea for holidays. You can visit picturesque villages with a lot of tradition to learn and joy. They are away from all the city bash and you can have a great time by taking a break. There are a lot of arceological sites nearby and you can discover theĀ  ancient culture by visitig them.


Visit Kavala – Macedonia

Visit Kvala where you can enjoy unique images. Kavala is a coastal city of Macedonia that is built like an amfitheater on the slops of Symvalo.

You can visit the castle and have a stroll on the evening as you enjoy the beautiful view. Kavala has also the arceological site of Philippi, that is under the protection of Unesco, because of their huge cultural heritage and value in history and christianism.

The remains of its churches are built with varius architectural types like the octagon church, the transept Bsilica and the dawed Basilica that reflects as types of early christian architecture.


Visit Thessaly

Escape to Thessaly and enjoy the natural beauty with the mountains, the rivers, the Plastira lake and the popular Tempi Valley and of course the unique place of Meteora. Visit Trikala city and enjoy a stroll with a bike by the river. Trikala is very famous about their tradional style of architecture. There you can see the ”Kastro” which is the tradional clock tower of the city which is a building of 6th century. From there you can enjoy an amazing view of Thessaly. In Trikala you can also see the Kusmus Mosque a building from 16th century.

Plastira lake is a very beautiful nature site which is only 90 minutes away from the city of Trikala by car.

Meteora is a very beautiful place known about the extraordinary view and big number of Monasteries you can find there. It is only 30 minutes away from Trikala city by car.

Nature and special architecture of Thessaly are one of the best in Greece. Also in Thessaly you can enjoy a lot of traditional dishes like greek tradional pies made from women in Thessaly. You can also find there very special domestic drinks like tsipouro, which can make you feel warm every cold evening.


Visit Peloponnese

Peloponnese is the the south area of greek mainland. It is known for it its huge history and many beautiful places like Mani and Nafplio city.

Peloponnese is also the best destination for all the tourists who want to meet and learn about the ancient culture. In Peloponnese you can visit ancient Olympia where Olympic Games started in ancient Greece. There you can visit the arheological site and go through the ruins. You can also see the area where athletes trained and the ancient stadium. You can also visit the museum where you can admire some of the most famous ancient statues like the marvellous Hermis of Praxiteles and the statue of Nike Paionios.


In Peloponnese you can also find monuments from every historical period. You can visit beautiful villages, castels, famous beaches, tradional churches and of course the great people.