5 tips for low-budget weddings in Greece

Is wedding in Greece a dream that you want to make true together with your other half? Well, you have right, Greece is a perfect destination for your wedding, and no matter where you are coming from, it is expected to have such a wish. However, not all couples can afford a wedding away from home, in a foreign country. The good news is that organising a Greek wedding on a reasonable budget is achievable. With these 5 tips, you can live a dream wedding without having to pay a fortune!

Visit off-the-beaten-path islands

The first thing you should notice is to make your Greek wedding in an untouched island. Forget for the moment a wedding in Santorini or Mykonos. These islands are very expensive. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a seaside chapel and vendor, the Greek hospitality and generally all the things that make Greece so special, you can easily do it on an island away from mass tourism. Just ask your wedding planner, he/she will suggest you some places that will impress you with their beauty and kindness.


Avoid weekends

At weekends, all weddings in Greece are significantly more expensive than on the weekdays. Take into consideration that you have vacation and Saturday or Sunday is just a day like all other days of the week. From Monday to Friday, you can find great prices in the vendors because only a few couples choose these days.


Why not off-season?

Did you know that the weather on the Greek islands is warm, sunny and mild from April to October? During the high-season, prices are higher, and almost all destinations are overcrowded. Plus, summer can be really hot in Greece, and that can make your Greek wedding truly inconvenient. Pick a date in May, September or October, and things as well as prices will be much better.


Traditional Greek taverns

If you are not a fanatic of luxury weddings in Greece, then you may consider the possibility of organising your reception in a local Greek tavern, which will be considerably cheaper than a hotel. You and your guests will taste the delicious Greek cuisine and dance until the dawn with the popular Greek music. Can you imagine better scenery for a traditional Greek wedding?


Choose a wedding planner

Do you find this tip weird because you think of the wedding planner’s fee? Well, it is not! The wedding planner cooperates with numerous vendors and can make suggestions to you that are not only trusted but also affordable. The only chance for you to find deals for the venue of the reception, the catering, the DJ and the decoration is to pull together with someone that can really help you, knows the Greek market and is ready to search in your behalf offers that can keep your wedding in Greece on a budget. The fee of the wedding planner is much lower than the deals you will take advantage of.