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Rent a car Crete: everything you need to know about the insurance

Are you planning your summer vacation in Greece and thinking about spending it on the island of Crete? Crete is a stunning summer destination but remember that it is necessary to rent a car as it is a large island with n...


5 amazing reasons to spend your vacation in Crete

Are you thinking about the destination you should choose for your next summer vacation? We have a great recommendation for you, Crete! The largest Greek island is waiting for you to reveal its secrets.

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The best places to visit in Rhodes

Rhodes is a very beautiful Greek island with stunning beaches, great touristic facilities, vivid nightlife, verdant nature and wonderful, well-preserved settlements. However, Rhodes is also a large island, meaning that it is really difficult to discover it all if you don’t have a car. If you want to explore it within a week conveniently and with flexibility, then we recommend you rent a car in Rhodes and take advantage of super deals, especially during the off-season. After renting your car, these are the best of the best points of interest on the island.


The beautiful mainland of Greece

Greece is a lovely destination known for its beautiful islands and the bright History behind it. Greece can give a lot of beautiful experiences by visiting the mainland too.

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Crete is the island of Gods!

Crete is the biggest island in Greece. If you have the chance to visit Crete there are many things you can do in Crete.


Corfu Town: a wonderful destination for your wedding in Greece

Magnificent palaces, imposing fortresses, romantic paved alleys, culinary surprises and astonishing beaches. This is Corfu, the most elegant Ionian island, the queen of Ionian Sea and a sample of the Italian architecture in Greece.

More Professional Wedding Planners in Greece

You love Geece? Have you seen it’s beauty and want to plan  your wedding there? can help you organise and plan your dream day!



Zagorochoria: Villages that can drag you to a perfect fairy tale

Are you tired from the city and you just want to take a break somewhere nice? We have best suggestion for you. The perfect place for your vacation is Zagorochoria Greece.

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Why Greece has become the ultimate touristic destination in 2017

Greece is the new trendy destination in Europe and worldwide. 30 million tourists have visited Greece in 2017, and everybody speaks about this phenomenon...

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8 wonderful hidden treasures in Greece

Greece has unbelievable variety in landscapes, and although it is a small country, it still has many undiscovered paradises. If you are searching for an off-the-beaten-path destination, an unspoiled oasis, which is untouched away from the crowds, these unknown hidden hems will impress you.